Friday, October 19, 2012


Thanks for reading the 180 Tack blog!  We will be exploring all things outdoors, here:  wilderness sports, outdoors fun, living with nature, backpacking, mountain climbing, skiing, snow caving--if it is outdoors, it is on the agenda.  Find here all sorts of great tips and anecdotes. 

But more than that, 180 Tack is about heading in a new direction; doing things a better way.  Here you will also find lots of information about sustainable, balanced living, self-sufficiency, emergency preparedness, and how to safely get out of those tough spots. 

We like to promote a lifestyle that leaves this world a little better than we found it, from caring for nature to encouraging our fellow human.  Join us in the path of improving our world by living better, one person at a time.  Let’s build thoughtful community together and have as much fun as we can along the way.

How better to start than to return to nature.  We will explore the wonders of the natural world, and learn from each other how better to encounter them.  As we do, we will discover ourselves. 

Nature is not the other “out there” that we need protection from.  Nature is our true home and it calls us back.  Back to balance.  Back to fun.  Back to joy.  Back to understanding and wisdom. 

And here is the first tip.  GET OUT THERE!  Breathe it all in.  Start living by doing.  

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  1. Hey I'm Cameron, I met you over at the TSP get-together on Saturday night and thought I'd check out your blog.

    I like what you have to say about leaving things better than you found them. I always carry a trash bag in my pack for this very reason (it's amazing how glass and plastic some of those trails accumulate).

    I think this concept became so perverted that it led us to treat nature as something that always needed our active involvement for improvement and protection. Even today, with a more realistic attitude towards things like wildfire, our relationship with nature still has room for improvement.